PipCasso: Title Ideas

  1. Previously played titles
    a) Little Circles
    b) Lead and Paper
    c) Empty Box
    d) Numbers on top of Flowers
    e) Artwork
    f) Swirly Lines in a Big Box
    g) The Most Beautiful
    h) Stain Glass Window
    i) Flower Power
    j) Strawberry Slayer
    k) Fairy Tail
    l) Once
    m) Cave Man
    n) Red Dress
    o) Roses are Red
    p) Flowers
    q) Squares in Oil
  2. (unintelligible characters)
  3. (something in your field of vision)
  4. Already famous painting titles
    a) Mona Lisa
    b) Little Boy Blue
    c) Sistine Chapel
    d) The Last Supper
    e) Starry Night
    f) The Scream
  5. Emotions
    a) Fear
    b) Happiness
    c) Sorrow
    d) Anger
  6. Themed Round ideas
    a) Portrait of person across from you
    b) Phase 1 – eyes closed. Phase 2 – create title & draw. Phase 3 – normal.
    c) Same drawing title for all drawings
    d) Place an object in the center of the playing surface to draw (titles may vary)
    e) Let me know if you have any new ideas: theschtickcomic@gmail.com