My name is Benjamin Boyd, electrical engineer by day, sleeping person by night, and occasional comic writer.

I release a new comic every x number of days.  I have a mailing list and I’m on Twitter.   If you want to be notified when I release a new comic then follow me @theschtickcomic or email me, theschtickcomic, via and tell me why you deserve to be on my mailing list.  Acceptable reasons could be:

  • I’m a person
  • I laugh at funny shaped clouds
  • Nobody else emails me
  • or something else equally as deserving

Order of operations: 1. post comic online, 2. email comic to mailing list, 3. tweet, 4. sense of accomplishment

My method of web analytics is for you to email me and tell me you visited my website.  I’m assuming that this is the worst method there is.  It is not recommended by any of the experts I have read.  I didn’t like any of what they did have to recommend though so…email me.

Things I’m trying to do with this website: (difficulty ratings 1 – 10)

  • Write something to go along with every comic. (difficulty: 5)
  • Begin everything I write with a unique greeting.  (difficulty: 8, I’m not keeping track of them though so I expect I’ll have repeated myself.)
  • Impress my wife. (difficulty: 10, it can be done.)
  • Draw (difficulty: 1, except when I have to redraw something then it is a 7.  I hate redrawing anything.)
  • Surprise you a little (difficulty: I have no idea)

Twitter: Benjamin Boyd @theschtickcomic