These are some of my favourite comics:

This is probably still my most favourite comic. It gets me.
3. The Pastime of Trees

Not super funny but, again, it gets me.
4. The Whimsy of the Clock on the Tree

5. Surprise

The first comic to make my wife laugh.
9. No Shirt No Shoes

The product of wishful thinking on my part. I would love to be able to send a Christmas card that would cover the next 10 Christmases or so. I could manage that I think.
12. Christmas Card

Breaking the fourth wall as the filmophile would say.
14. The Comic That Got Away

I’m still waiting…
22. Weather Report

The first in a long unfinished series of Safety Nut Thrill Seeker comics.
31. Safety Nut Thrill Seekers 1

Some of the most ridiculous grown men in the world are footballers.
47. Self Defense for Grannies

There are, of course, many other brilliant comics inbetween. Except for #11. Poor #11. Never quite got off the ground, that one.