Comic Shorts

Comic idea shorts which may or may not have previously been tweets.

Love u.
It’s a great letter of the alphabet.
U makes all the letters around it better. Honestly, q is nothing without u.
Also, it is part of words like ulex (Eurasian spiny shrubs) and ubiquitous (much like u).
Don’t forget the prefix un- which basically doubles the size of the English language. An incredible letter, gotta love u.

I like to think of snowflakes as tiny imperial stormtroopers attacking the ground. “Freeze, Earth!” Then they pile up like snow, dry and crunchy.

:   creepy isn’t it? The emoticon that goes unnoticed most of the time. It’s there though, staring at you with no expression at all. Usually found right before lists or in the middle of sentences that nobody would ever use in normal conversation.   :

Why is New Years Day on Jan 1? Do NOT research this topic. It is very confusing. It involves an 8 day market week and the extinct month of Quintilius (now July).

I just found out from the Chinese horoscope that a horse (wife) and a monkey (me) are better suited just being friends. Those crazy Chinese.