PipCasso: Choosing a Leader

  1. Hold a democratic election
  2. Roll dice
  3. Oldest or Youngest
  4. Full best of 7 rock-paper-scissors bracketed tournament
  5. Best smile as voted by your peers
  6. Foot race, winner is leader unless 0 people wish to be the leader in which case the loser is leader.
  7. Shouting contest (use some kind of decibel measuring app on any smartphone)
  8. Pie eating contest, two pies minimum
  9. If you’re going to do this more than once, consider taking turns
  10. Send a letter to the president of the USA requesting he/she puts all of your names in a hat, picks one, and sends the name back to you post haste.
  11. Watch a collection of old Loony Toons videos,first to jump off their seat after hearing the road runner go “beep, beep”
  12. Ask for volunteers