61. poink poink

This is my wife’s favourite comic ever. She thinks it is the most hilarious thing. Really, really funny. If I remember correctly, I promised to love her forever.

Its been a while. I don’t know if that is going to be a thing yet or not. I think I’ve just been busy but maybe I’ve been becoming someone who doesn’t send out a comic every week. We’ll see.

So I was watching the London Olympics (I’m almost done now). Closing ceremonies. There comes Oscar Pistorius carrying the flag for South Africa. Awkward.

True story. I am on stage with four of the Backstreet Boys. I am the fifth. My heart is pounding. Very excited. We are ready to rock. At least they are. The base booms and so do we. I’m dancing but I don’t know the steps. I don’t even remember rehearsing for this. Oh well, I’m pretty close and it will get better in time. I can’t think about that now. Its time to sing some sweet bass harmonies. Come to think of it, does any boy band even have a bass part? No time to worry about that now. I’ll make it up as I go along. “I MAY RUN AND HIDE WHEN YOU’RE SCREAMING MY NAME. al-RI-ight!…” uh, I don’t really know the lyrics… “al-RI-ight!” This is awesome though. I’ll just blend in when I need to. “ALL YOU PEOPLE CAN’T YOU SEE, CAN’T YOU SEE, HOW YOUR LOVE’S AFFECTING OUR REALITY…” Nailed the chorus at least. This is exhausting. Wait one crazy second. I absolutely do not dance. (That’s not entirely true. At least not when anyone is looking though.) I look like a complete fool up here. I don’t really know any of the words, and this is just the first song. Catastrophe. I’m going back to sleep.

Until next time,