The Schtick Comic #17 – Say Hi For Me

Hello again, again,

I hope you all enjoyed that illustrated poem last time.  I say that because I don’t know how many of you actually knew that that was what it was and may have assumed that it was supposed to be funny, couldn’t see anything funny in it, wondered if you were missing something, couldn’t imagine that you were, and were starting to wonder about me again.  I’m giving you fair warning, there will probably be more random illustrated poems in the future.  I do have a few in mind.

Anyway, today we are back to something relatively normal.  If any of you have ever asked me to say hi to someone, and after reading todays comic are now concerned that I might not have done so, well, there are two sides to that coin.  I also might have done so.

I almost never ask anybody to say hi to anybody for me mainly because I immediately feel so hypocritical.  That is probably why some of you never hear from me so often.  Don’t worry about it.  I’m just being genuine and I still like you.