The Schtick Comic #29 – The Talk

Good 11:11 pm,

That reminds me, when I got my first watch as a youngster I used to make a point of witnessing it roll over 11:11:11 every morning.  It got to the point where I would get an unexplainable urge to look at my watch in the morning and lo and behold it would be 15 seconds to the big moment.  Nov. 11 was a big day for me and my watch.  That was an embarrassment of riches of ‘1’s to look upon.  I always felt like it was kind of a ripoff that 22:22:22 didn’t have a similar matching day of the year.  Never once in the history of humanity has it been 22:22:22 on the 22nd day of the 22nd month of any year.  It’s really sad when you think about it.

Anyway, now it is 11:19 pm and I’m going to bed.  I would just like to add two things to this message.  I, personally, love tomatoes.  I would eat a whole fresh garden grown raw tomato every day if I had them available.  Also, there’s more.  Part 2, “The Most Unhealthy Thing”, coming next time whenever I get around to sending it.