The Schtick Comic #51 – Global Tech Support

Howdy readers,

My wife is sleeping on the couch right now.  She seems quite serene.  She has no idea what I’m about to do and neither do you.  It may involve a small spray bottle.

Well, I better get to it.  No point in dilly-dallying.

She looks so peaceful.  I’m starting to have second thoughts.  Maybe I’ll just kiss her on the cheek, take her upstairs, tuck her into bed, start the dishwasher and then join her for a good night’s sleep.

…a light misting could be pretty entertaining.  She might not take too kindly to that.  In fact she might wake up a bit cranky, a bit testy one might say.  I can handle it though.  I know I can win her back in five to ten minutes.  I’ll have to get her to laugh somehow about something else.  I’ll bide my time and then strike with just the right comment at just the right time with just the right tone and expression. She’ll do a snort laugh and thaw right up.  What comment will I use you ask.  I never know.  It will hopefully come to me on the fly.

Hmmm.  These things don’t always go as planned…aanh, whatever.

Ok.  Its showtime.  Putting the computer down    …quietly…     bye


I’m back. I chickened out.  That’s not like me though.  I mean, really, it’s not too late yet.  She is still sleeping.  I’m just typing on the floor now.  Why am I writing this.  I should just go ahead with the plan, right?  Ok then.  It’s back on.  Go time.  Sorry for bothering you…