The Schtick Comic #52 – Proposed Wireless Network Names

Anjali Mudra,

Sometimes when I run into a problem in my life I ask myself, “What would I do if I was an autonomous robot?”

For example, when my wife thinks I’m spending too much time playing sports, I get to thinking. “How would an autonomous robot respond to that?”  Well, it would think, “Cool, I’m married.  I’m totally fitting in.  All the other autonomous robots are so jealous right now.”  Based on this I am able to realize that I’m lucky to be married at all.  What to do about the sports then.  Hmmm.  Tone them back a little to make the wife happy I suppose.  Ok, problem solved.

Another example, sometimes I have to figure out how to answer questions like, “Which one of these jeans do I look better in?”  Autonomous robot me, what say you?  “I’m still married?  This is awesome.  I’ll never let my autonomous robot friends hear the end of this.”  From this I deduce nothing.  I get tired of listening to that kind of thing after a while.  As far as the jeans go, I do my best but sometimes both pairs of jeans are really really incredibly similar to each other so I say “That is an invalid question me dear” and quickly leave the room.

Regards are for girls,