The Schtick Comic #53 – Crap Theory

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Awkward.  For me anyway.

People I’m most comfortable hugging in order of comfort level: my wife…actually I probably shouldn’t make this list.  I might offend somebody.  Point being, I’m uncomfortable hugging most people.  I will though.  If you ever need a hug just come see me and I will be happy to provide one short awkward hug.  Hopefully that will make you feel better but I don’t make any guarantees.

You may have noticed that today’s comic isn’t funny.  It got me thinking though.  The Nazis felt that they were superior to other humans.  What logic lead them to attempt to destroy these other humans and why didn’t it apply to all genetically inferior entities, such as donkeys for instance?  I will be exploring this topic further.

Until next time,

Crap Theorist