The Schtick Comic #20 – I’m Pretty Much a Woman

I greet thee,

About the comic, Its not true.  When I encounter a problem I solve it.  Immediately.  On my own.  I might talk it out just for a minute but only if someone else is there to talk it out with.  You know, just to get a valuable consensus of some kind.  Make sure everybody is on the same page.  That kind of thing.

Note for those interested in my grammar: I know what a sentence fragment is.

In case you have never read the book here is a recap of the male perspective found in it.  When talking to a male colleague it is always best to just keep it simple, stick to the facts, and absolutely no sports talk unless you really know what happened in the game.  (That last bit wasn’t actually in the book but I think it is quite true and probably should have been.)