The Schtick Comic #25 – Watergate

Intentionally making my online presence known,

Apparently that is what a greeting is according to Wikipedia.  I’ve paraphrased slightly.  My next greeting will be in Swahili.

As regards the following, a few of you tried.  I appreciate that.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Now it seems like a cheap trick and it looks stupid but I’m stuck with it: If anybody can figure out what this sentence is going to say before I finish writing it next time I’ll not finish writing it.  You made me do it.

You’ll notice that the second picture of Nixon is a reversed copy of the first.  If you thought I was a purist who drew everything with a pencil and didn’t mess with it electronically, you are mistaken.  I’m not a purist.  I have no rules.  I do whatever I feel like doing.  In this case I felt like not redrawing Nixon.