The Schtick Comic #31 – SNTS 1: Poison

Dear friends and family (because that is still the only people who know this comic exists),

It may sadden you to know that I have created my last comic.  It isn’t the one I am posting today and there will be a lot more comics in between but it exists.  My comic writing career is a little worried about that but it doesn’t bother me personally at all.  I’m quite happy about it actually.  I will put it on the this website someday with its own page titled: The Schtick Comic #N+1, where N is the total number of comics I will ever create.  N is a finite number but I don’t kow what it is yet.

On to other thoughts.  Safety Nut Thrill Seekers 1 is the first in a series.  I’m not sure how long this series will be but I’ve got many ideas for it and I’m quite happy about all of them.  I better start drawing more.  I’m running high on ideas while at the same time very low on physically existing comics.  It’s hard to draw a shark.  (That was a teaser for the next installment in this series.)