The Schtick Comic #36 – Snowman

You know what?

It is getting really difficult for me to start these emails a different way every time.  I will persevere though.  I am not beaten yet.   I will continue to come up with original greetings.

This is the part where I think about what to write to go along with the comic I am sending you.  I am listening to an acappella group right now.  They are pretty good…mm…that was some nice harmony.  I wish they would tone down the human percussionist a bit though.  They probably don’t because then they wouldn’t really need him anymore.  He’s probably their friend so they can’t ditch him.  He’s probably a really nice guy.  He must be if they’re keeping him in the group.  Now I am jealous of this acappella group for two reasons; they sing really well and they have an awesome friend.

Good night,


P.S. I feel self conscious about the semicolon I used in that last paragraph.  It doesn’t seem quite right but I don’t think a comma could do the job and an outright colon seems like too much.  As you already know by now, I’ve left it in.  Normally I would look up basic English grammar online and get it “right” but this time I’d rather write this p.s.  Besides, in the long run grammar is defined by the people that use it, isn’t it?