67. Viewpoint


Dear World,

I was going to say something about the election. Then I thought, what would Jesus do? I didn’t know. My best guess is that it would be to talk about something else. Going a different direction here.

The Story of Dame Chicken Chucksy of the House Chinchippy

Chicken Chucksy of the house Chinchippy walked up the length of the coop and turned right. It was insane. It was necessary. She could have turned around but sometimes you just have to do it again. She walked to a corner, turned left, left, right, left, and stopped. “BuckOCK!”

The man stopped too. He liked to talk to chickens so he did. Until this time. This time he understood. “Hello Mrs. Chucksy. How’s it go…oh…oh no…I’m SOO sorry. Truly. I didn’t mean to eat all of your babies…every day……for your whole life. I………”

What do you say to a chicken in a coop, house of Chinchippy or not? I’ll tell you this, Chicken Chucksy doesn’t get eye contact anymore. Oh no! The eyes of the man be turned down. To the ground. He DID mean to. YES he did.

Chicken Chucksy of the house Chinchippy walks up the length of the coop.