71. Chameleons

It’s you. Good to see you again. I’ve got something to tell you.

A while back I made a spelling mistake in an email. During the moment while I was clicking send, I saw “Danial” where “Daniel” should have been. I quickly sent a second movement command down my right arm to its left click finger, retracting the previous click command. It arrived milliseconds after the first click command but to no avail. My left click finger is a premium model. It had already clicked with plenty of time to spare and then sent this reply back to my brain, “You suck old man!” which is really not true. I normally have great quality control on all mechanical movement commands that I send throughout my body. Not to mention, I’m just realizing, my left click finger is exactly as old as I am. So…whatever. We get along pretty well, my finger and I. I’m not taking it personally or anything. I still think we’ll do good work together in the future but I won’t be trusting that finger with any of my more sensitive feelings and thoughts for a while at least.

Until next time,

Benjamin Boyd