57. The Aryan Race II

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Ever heard of Kiprotich? Abraham Kiprotich of France didn’t finish the London 2012 Olympic Marathon. Poor guy. Wilson Kiprotich of Kenya was favoured to win but slipped to third. Bronze medals are clearly underappreciated. He seemed pretty disappointed. Poor guy. Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda came out of nowhere to win the gold medal. Those puppies are clearly overappreciated. How about those Kiprotiches, eh?

What is a gold medal worth?  Does it mean that you are the best in the world?  No.  If a scientist were trying to determine what the best of something was in the world the one thing that they would not do is run one test and call it a day.  Jocks love that kind of thing though.  They love to call themselves the best in the world when actually it is quite possible that they are only a statistical anomoly.  Just to be sure, they should run the marathon 10 times and then we’d know that the guy that won it 7 times is probably the best in the world with a 95% confidence level, or something like that.  That is what the medal would say, “95% likely to be GOLD!” (Don’t check my work.  I didn’t actually calculate anything.)  Sure, the Olympics would take all year but I think it would be worth it.

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