The Schtick Comic #12 – Christmas Card

Merry Christmas,

Some of you might want me to create a variation on this card for regular folk.  I’m seriously considering something like this for next year.  I’ll get something ready.  Let me know if you are ever interested in ordering a box of specialty Christmas Cards.

The Schtick Comic #10 – The Common Stick Man

The common stickman is also just a little bit above the average human intelligence as can be deduced by the fact that if they have any hair at all it is never blonde.

(Remember that blonde joke I was talking about after the last comic?  How, if made at all, it would be coincidental to another joke?  zzzzk)

Fine, if you must know, “zzzzk” is the sound of a line being drawn in pencil through an obsolete comic idea.

The Schtick Comic #9 – No Shirt No Shoes


I feel like everybody must have thought of this before so I must be ripping off somebody elses joke from somewhere even though I haven’t seen it.  I can’t shake that feeling.  On top of that I don’t like making jokes about things that everybody notices.  That’s not my style.  For example, everybody knows that blondes are just a little bit dumber than other folks, hence there are a bazillion blonde jokes in the world.  I wouldn’t do a blonde joke unless it was coincidental as part of another less commonly sourced joke.  In spite of all that, this comic makes me laugh and it makes my wife laugh so it stays.

About the blonde joke thing, now I think I might have to come up with a blonde joke just to prove myself wrong.  Rats.  I’ll add it to my list of comic ideas.  (I really did, just now, add it to my list of comic ideas.)  One of these days it will appear in a comic I suppose, though at the moment it is sitting at the bottom of a long list of better ideas so don’t hold your breath.

The Schtick Comic #4 – The Whimsy of the Clock on the Tree

Start of Message,

Humanity loves the unofficial caste system.  The unofficial caste system is everywhere.  People like to think that they are better than somebody else for completely arbitrary reasons, religion, color, sex, favourite food or whatever.  People don’t like others to think the same thing about them though.  This always leads to various forms of the caste system.  In other words, show me a group of people who are discriminated against and I’ll show you a group of people who discriminate against others.

What if everyone realized that everyone is different and that being different isn’t something you measure in terms of better and worse?  What if everyone knew themselves, liked themselves, and didn’t care what other people thought about them?  Well, then no more unofficial caste system.  (If you are interested, a nice cross section of the unofficial caste system can be found in any hospital.)

Everyone wants to be different and unique in some way.  Silly nonsense.  What you need is to know and like yourself first and then quit worrying about differences.

End of Message