The Schtick Comic #43 – Panzer Jones Picnic


That’s right.  Three comics in one day. A new world record.  Maybe.  I hope it is.

You are probably thinking that there is no way that a little girl spilling jello on the ground could possibly cause the end of the world.  I thought about that.  There is a way.  It involves a stolen wireless red button clumsily dropped by a passing international man of mystery, among other things.  This is extremely unlikely though.  Maybe Panzer Jones isn’t always always wrong.  The odds of the end of the world occurring at the end of this comic are = really really high odds of him being wrong X really really low odds of spilled jello causing any real damage to the globe.  Where is a life insurance actuary when you need one?

Side Note: If I am ever given a baby racing horse for free, sired by the great P______ that hasn’t been named yet, I’m definitely going with Ponzi Scheme or Panzer Jones.  A coin toss will decide the matter.

I hope you all have a particularly lovely day.  I’m going to.

The Schtick Comic #42 – Panzer Jones Quizzed

Hello hello hello,

See if you can answer those questions without being right.

You are wondering if this guy ever got a date.  How does he even get by in every day ordinary life?  I’m not sure.  I like to think of him as not stupid, just always wrong.  Luckily there are some women in the world who wouldn’t know the difference between this guy and any other guy.  You know what I’m saying.  My wife is not such a woman.  She may think that I’m a little arrogant every once in a while and maybe a tad forgetful on occasion but she knows that I am not always wrong.

Wait for it…